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About The Author

Mario Andre is a man of faith with 16 years of experience in the security field. He has lived an ordinary yet fulfilling life and has largely maintained a practical approach toward his finances. Still, Andre was not beyond making bad financial decisions and losing money in hopeless investments. Over the years, he realized there was more to life than working in a corporation and making uninformed financial decisions.

Armed with the knowledge of his experiences and Christian values, Mario Andre has embarked on a journey of excellence in personal finances. He doesn’t claim to be a professional or a monk who knows the secrets of life but instead presents our everyday financial problems in the context of our faith and values.

“Faith & Money Relations” is his way of sharing all that he has learned about religion and finance with his audience. His narration is simple, straightforward, logical, and precisely what you need to challenge the soul-sucking corporate policies. Mario Andre has explicitly laid out the road to financial freedom and an easy exit to creative freedom.  

Key Features to Buy This Book

“Faith & Money Relations” is the ultimate book on personal finances for amateurs by an “ordinary” man. It is a water-down version of financial management to help you increase your income and multiply your investments just as God instructed.

About The Book

“Faith & Money Relations” is an exposé on corrupt corporate practices and a lesson in financial management. Mario Andre explains the basics of financial management using simple narration and logical arguments. Unlike other financial experts, Mario doesn’t attempt to separate money from faith and presents them both as two sides of the same coin. He rejects the conventional methods of earning and presents various alternatives that are both practical and liberating.

Readers will learn to differentiate between being rich and being wealthy, passive and active incomes, assets, and liabilities, and also understand what it means to build wealth. Mario Andre has simplified personal finances for the clueless and the amateur through his experience. “Faith & Money Relations” is a crash course in personal finances and financial freedom.


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